2023 Fundraiser

£147.09 raised of £1225

In October 2022, I invested £1225 on new equipment to be used exclusively on KopTalk.TV. This investment was made on credit and from November 2022, interest will be applied, meaning that more will have to be repaid. I have invested this money so that I can produce more free videos for everyone. I hope to be able to clear this debt as soon as possible.

My last KopTalk crowd funding attempt for new gear was in 2015 and it achieved its goal. It’s been almost 8 years now and as you can imagine, my equipment is now on its last legs hence the reduction in the amount of videos I churn out today. I would have preferred to have purchased a new iMac, but instead I opted for a Mac Mini as this was a cheaper option even after buying additional peripherals. I do require further investment for equipment to be used on KopTalk in general but this fundraiser is only for KopTalk TV (YouTube) and the people who enjoy my videos.

You can contribute anything from £1/$1/€1 upwards and as often you wish. If you contribute, I will give you a shout out in my next video and I will add your chosen name below. Your name (but not the amount donated) will also be listed in EVERY video uploaded to KopTalk.TV for the entire year of 2023. If you do not wish your name to be included, please let me know. Every penny received is for KopTalk.TV gear only.


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