Channel Membership

The majority of videos published on KopTalk.TV are free. You can become free subscriber right now, by clicking here.

However, you can also support KopTalk.TV by becoming a channel member. As a channel member you can access additional videos that are exclusively recorded for members while also helping a fellow Red.

There are three tiers available: Member, VIP and Legend. You only need the lowest tier to access exclusive content.

However, VIPs and Legends are provided with a log-in upon request to the KopTalk Members’ community which is worth £49.99-a-year! Contact support to obtain your log-in details if you take out a VIP or Legend membership on YouTube.

By becoming a channel member you are helping me provide my content to thousands of Liverpool fans every week.


KopTalk TV

PLEASE NOTE: If you become a KopTalk Member via the website, you have free access to all additional videos published on KopTalk.TV and all additional KopTalk Podcast episodes as these are embedded on the KopTalk Members’ community which means you save £72-a-year if you were to subscribe to the extra content separately. A KopTalk Membership is not to be confused with a KopTalk TV Membership. If you become a KopTalk Member, you basically don’t need to have a KopTalk.TV Membership, nor do you need to be a KopTalk Podcast Patron as all of that extra video and audio content is made available to you within the KopTalk Members’ community.

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